Home Business Growth Depends On Marketing Diversity

It is so sad that over 90% of all home businesses fail because there demise could have been easily avoided. If the business owner had marketed properly from the beginning there business would be thriving today. Marketing online is without a doubt unique and different from any other type of marketing. Your home business must be marketed on a daily basis through many different sources. If you do not market properly your business will bite the dust just like many before.

When marketing your home business always focus on variety. A good way to maintain this focus is by creating a daily marketing routine. For example, set up a small AdWords campaign especially in the beginning when you are first starting out. By doing so, you will receive a steady flow of traffic to your website. Therefore, you can focus on going through your routine and nothing else. An example of a strong marketing routine is as follows: write an article then submit it, write a press release then submit it, spend time is a forum posting relevant information and finish it off by placing ads on Craigslist. A marketing routine such as this one is also a great example of search engine optimization. By engaging in this type of routine you will build up free traffic to website over time. This is the case because according to SEO by placing quality materials throughout the Internet daily, your website will become indexed within the search engines and achieve a higher and higher ranking.

A great way to end your daily marketing routine is by spending a half hour or so looking for new free marketing outlets. New marketing means are born every single day especially on the Internet. Your home business will never have a shortage of marketing methods so constantly look for and evaluate new ones. A great tools for accessing your marketing campaign is Google Analytics which is free. This tool will track your website traffic everyday and put all data into graphs and statistics. Thus, you can visibly see which marketing means produce the most traffic for your site and which ones do not work well at all. Never be scared to try new marketing techniques, just make sure to evaluate whether or not they work.

SEO Consultant and Marketing Techniques

Organic Inbound Links

One of the most important things we fail to realize is link building and how it improves your optimization efforts. I am talking about organic link building and how it is more about other web sites than your own. You will be surprised how quickly you can move up the search engines with a simple method of link building.

Sources of Link Building

You need to build what is called organic inbound links from another website linking to your own and what you want to do is establish a network of inbound links to your site. You also want these links to be of high quality so as to not bring your site down in the search engine ranking. You must be selective in choosing which web site your going to place your links on as search engines evaluate the validity, usefulness, integrity and popularity of the linking sites.

Do not post links on Link Farms or do any interchanging with unknown sites as the search engines have changed there method of indexing and these do not work anymore. Your links should be relevant to your site and your audience and not just be a link from a popular site. To get the ranking you desire your source of inbound links should vary and this should be one of your daily marketing strategies that you work on in earnest.

Tools Are Useful

You can us a browser add-on called Google Toolbar which displays the rank of any web page you may be thinking of adding a link to. You can find out the integrity of the site before posting a link to your site. You certainly do not want Google to ban you for thinking a link is coming from a spam site or have your ranking reduced because a link has come from a poorly indexed site.

It works the other way around also by placing links on reputable sites will add value and can multiply very quickly putting you on your way to success. Imagine what having an entire network of sites linking to each other can do for your business. That is what a good SEO Consultant can do for you.

Use your SEO Consultant to help you put links on your websites for one of the pitfalls of doing it yourself is spam and viruses coming from some of the links. You surely do not want to spread viruses to your linking sites also.

New Content

You need new fresh, relevant content in the form of Press Releases, Articles, Blog, or Video with a link to your website. You place your links to keywords in your relevant articles that you submit to article directories, blogs and forums. This will help spread your relevant content on the web. But remember your visitors need to be updated regularly with the latest information in your niche, add content every week of about 2 to 3 pages of new content.

A SEO Consultant can provide this kind of content creation service for you increasing search visibility and bring visitors quickly along with free links to your new pages increasing the value of your website. And once you have the visitors coming and the site is making profits she can keep the propulsion going on a regular basis for you.

Marketing Your Business: Our Top Eight Tips

How to market your business? It needs your continual effort. You need keep learning and practicing to find out where your real customers are and how to target them effectively. How in other words, how can let other people find your business? It should be a long term plan and investment. You should consider it as your job, your business. You need take care of it. If you respect your business and work on it with your effort, you will be rewarded eventually.

So where to begin? Here are some tried and true tips that will help you market your website with confidence. You can begin marketing your website when:

- Your website content is complete. This includes your website text, products you want to sell, the correct title, descriptions, and hidden keywords.

- You are ready for your first customer. You need test it by yourself before send your website to public. Make sure all links are working, the order form is ready. Testing everything you can think of. – You have a clear knowledge of the product(s) or service(s) you want to sell online. You need understand your product very well. Please remember: content is the King. When most people think about marketing, they think of advertising.

Don’t fall into that trap. Marketing also encompasses your design, your page copy. According to MediaMetrix, 75% of all repeat visitors come back to a site due to the site’s content. It is vital that the content be good, compelling, new, and free. Offer some valuable freebies so your visitor will come back to visit your site.

Tip 1. Prepare to Collect Email Put an form on your website to let visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. You can initially offer them a free ebook or a valuable report. Then you follow up with them using the auto response system. You can start to sending out your own newsletter weekly or bi-weekly to your opt-in prospects. They have option to remove themselves from your list if they are not interested in it. Even you do not have a website, you can still collect opt-in people’s email address by advertising your eZine with your auto response email address.

Tip 2. Use Pay-Per-Click Services Set up an account with a pay-per-click (PPC) service, such as Overture. Pay-per-click means you pay for every visitor that comes to your site through the service provider. You post an advertising on the sites. If visitor clicks your advertising, you will be charged. At very beginning, it is recommended that starting from small, like pay $0.05 or $0.10 per click. You need time to test which key word is better and which advertising works out. The Overture network includes big names like Yahoo!, MSN, AltaVista, Lyocs, HotBot, Netscape, Dogpile, Metacrawler, and Go.com.

Tip 3. Submit Your Site to Your Search Engines Once your website is ready, submit your site to major search engines. Please make sure not to submit your site too often to those big search engine companies. They will ban your site out if you submit the site frequently. They will eventually include your site in their index. For small search engines, you can use some automatic software or service to submit your sites since there are thousands there.

Tip 4. Create Your Signature File A signature file is a short message that goes out at the bottom of each message. It contains your name, your contact, like your email address, your website if you have one. Then add a brief description for the product you want to promote. You can create a signature file at the end of your email. You can create a signature template file in the “mail preference” area, or some other area depending on what kind of email service you have. Make sure to keep it down to 4-5 lines with 65 characters wide. Save it to your local hard disk. You may use this short signature file for your future articles’ resource box.

Tip 5. Submit Articles to eZines

Starting to write articles, then submit it to eZines. You can reach thousands of peoples with your products and service for FREE.

How it works? If you are familiar with some area, like gardening, cooking, or how to use a specific software… just think of any topic people may have interest in, then write it. Make sure there is some good value in it so people will like to read it through. Once you finish it, just go ahead to contact some eZine editors with a short cover letter. Tell them you have an article which is valuable to their eZine readers and wish to post it.

At the end of each eZine, there is a resource box. You can put your signature file you create or some other kind of contact information. People will know you from there or may contact you if they are interested in your topic and want to learn from you more.

Tip 6. Increase Your Link Popularity Link popularity, or the number of quality websites that provide a link to your website, is a vital part of your online marketing campaign. If you have a business, check some website which offers the products which will benefit to your customers. Like if you own a website builder, you are looking for the business who can provide the graphics, free business cards, etc.. Once you find a site with good content, then you contact the website owner. Tell him you want to swap the links. It will take some time and effort to do, but the reward will be big.

Quality link popularity can not only get you listed in the major search engines without you ever having submitted your website, but it will help your website move up in the search engine result rankings as well. Tip 7. Start Your Own Newsletters If you want to build relationship with your client, or really want to make money online, a good newsletter will help you. You can send out your newsletter weekly, bi-weekly. Do not send out once a month since the time span is too long, people may forget you.

Writing a newsletter may be hard at the beginning. But once you start, you will realize you can do it, and do it successfully. Of course, you need learn a lot of materials, and write the valuable information to your people. Gradually you will build up the good relationship with you. Down the road, they will join into your business.

Tip 8. Build a Daily Marketing Routine Market your website daily, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Get into a daily routine–even if it is only for 15 minutes. Doing so will increase your traffic, your customer loyalty, your sales, and your profits. It will pay big dividends months or years from now. Daily promotion activities include:

- Email. Responding to customer’s e-mail in a timely manner. If this is overlooked, you could lose hard-won customers. Many Internet businesses have earned and kept business based on their ability to respond quickly to customer email. Customers appreciate a timely response.

- Update Your Site. Keeping your site fresh with new content is vital, even if you are selling product. By expanding your content you are not only giving new content for your customers to read, but you are also expanding the number of pages listed in the search engines, which will increase your chances of appearing in the top of the search results. Search engine likes fresh contents. – Link Popularity. By contacting sites on a daily basis, your link popularity will increase, and if you do it right, your Link Reputation will increase as well.

- Write Articles. Writing an articles or prepare a newsletter. Contact eZine editors for submission. Keep learning new information and marketing strategies, apply the latest technology into the marketing campaign.

If you apply the above 8 methods, you will gradually build up customer base. In the long term, you will have a successful business.